Digital Marketing Specialist in Ambattur: Your Partner in Growing Business Online

Looking to expand your digital presence in Ambattur? With over 8 years of experience in SEM, SMM, SEO, and more, I offer tailored digital marketing strategies to help your business thrive. Contact me today for a consultation.

Prakash Ravichandran

5/24/20242 min read

Digital Marketing Specialist in Ambattur
Digital Marketing Specialist in Ambattur

Are you a business owner in Ambattur looking to expand your digital presence and attract more customers? As a seasoned digital marketing specialist with expertise across various industries, I can help you achieve your goals. With over 8 years of experience in SEM, SMM, SEO, Native & Programmatic Advertising, and CRM, I offer comprehensive digital marketing strategies tailored to your business needs.

Why Choose a Freelance Digital Marketer in Ambattur?

Ambattur, known for its industrial and residential sectors, requires targeted digital marketing strategies to stand out. Whether you're a local business or a growing enterprise, I provide personalized marketing solutions that resonate with your local audience and drive results.

Google Ads Specialist in Ambattur

Increase your online visibility and drive targeted traffic with Google Ads. I specialize in creating effective ad campaigns that are optimized to maximize your ROI. Whether you're aiming to boost sales, generate leads, or increase website traffic, I can help you achieve your business objectives efficiently.

Social Media Ads Expert in Ambattur

Harness the power of social media platforms to connect with your audience and grow your brand. As a social media ads expert, I create compelling ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. From increasing brand awareness to driving conversions, I'll help you leverage social media to achieve your business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ensure transparency in digital marketing costs and reporting?

Transparency is essential in digital marketing. I ensure 100% transparency by running ads on your own ad account, providing you with full visibility into your ad spend and results. Our detailed reporting includes insights into campaign performance and spending.

How can digital marketing help me grow my business?

Digital marketing can help increase brand awareness, reach potential customers, drive traffic to your website, convert leads into customers, and engage with existing customers online.

What are the costs involved in digital marketing services?

Digital marketing services typically include advertising costs and service charges. For Google Ads, a service fee of 15% of your ad budget applies. SEO services start at 15,000 INR per month for optimizing 10 keywords and building backlinks.

How does the 15% service charge for ads work?

The 15% service charge means you pay 15% of your total ad spend as a service fee. This covers campaign management, optimization, and reporting.

What are the advantages of paying a service charge for ads?

Paying a service charge ensures your campaigns are managed by experts who optimize your ad spend to achieve better results and higher ROI.

How do I ensure transparency in digital marketing costs?

Ensure transparency by reviewing service agreements and cost breakdowns with your service provider. We operate with full transparency, running ads directly on your account and providing detailed reporting on ad spend and performance.

Why Local Businesses Trust Me

- Proven Results: I have a track record of delivering measurable results for businesses in Ambattur.
- Customized Strategies: I tailor digital marketing strategies to meet your business goals and target audience. - Transparent Reporting: Detailed reports on campaign performance empower you to make informed decisions.

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